July 2016

VARAN-capable Axis module with incremental encoder input

The DC 062 axis module with an incremental encoder input from SIGMATEK expands the S-DIAS series and is used to control synchronous servomotors. The S-DIAS series communicate over the hard real-time Ethernet bus VARAN with a speed of 100 Mbit/s and are therefore perfectly suited for fast, dynamic applications. Individual I/O modules can be accessed within 1.12 µs. Per CPU module or VARAN bus interface, 64 participants with up to 1,280 I/Os can be connected. At a power rating of 300 Watts, up to 6 Amperes of continuous current can be reached. For a short time, a peak current of up to 15 Amperes are possible. The integrated 32-bit incremental encoder, with a counter frequency up to 500 kHz, provides cost-effective position evaluation. The compact servo amplifier is equipped with a 2-channel enable input. This allows the implementation of the TÜV-certified safety functions STO (Safe Torque Off) for applications up to SIL 3 (according to EN 62061) and Cat. 4, PL e (EN ISO 13849-1/2). The axis module also has a +24 V DC output, which makes controlling a stop brake possible.



August 2016

The new ANG – Active Next Generation – servo inverter series expands
Bonfiglioli's drive portfolio with the VARAN Bus.

Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A, global supplier of gear motors, drive systems and planetary gears, has designed a new servo inverter series with the ANG (Active Next Generation) that provides higher performance for machine manufacturers. With this new servo inverter series, Bonfiglioli has the most comprehensive connectivity selection with the most advanced control technology and the highest power density. The ANG module series includes 8 sizes in the power range from 0 – 400 kW. Through parallel connection, up to 1.2 MW can be reached.

To meet the demands of special machines in numerous industry sectors and expand connectivity, Bonfiglioli has implemented also the VARAN bus. Especially in the area of motion, industrial networks are exposed to strong electromagnetic signals that can quickly lead to disruptions. Through their low payloads (1-128 bytes) and low data overhead, the VARAN data frames are essentially more resistant to disruptions than large standard Ethernet packets in common bus systems. Dipl.-Ing. Reinhold Tavernaro, R&D Manager at Bonfiglioli MDS explains "Safe data transfer and noise resistance are the key to success. Applications in industrial environments require data security, as well as the highest availability. The VARAN bus was especially designed for these demands and provides unique data handling for consistent and Safe transmission.

In the ANG servo inverter series, a new microprocessor technology allows the integration of various advanced functions, which includes a cyclic synchronous positioning mode with cubic interpolation, brake control and feedback contact analysis. In addition, a new single-axis control for servo, induction and synchronous reluctance motors provide high dynamic reaction, performance and application versatility.


May 2016

The VARAN BUS USER ORGANIZATION welcomes its new members

HMS Industrial Networks is among the market leaders in the field of industrial communication for automation technology, develops innovative technical solutions and distributes its products under the brands Anybus, IXXAT and Netbiter. The worldwide active tech company with its headquarters in Halmstadt, Sweden employs more than 450 employees and reports a turnover of 75 million EUR in 2015.

DAIKIN INDUSTRIES, LTD. is a Japanese listed technology group and worldwide leading manufacturer of
heating, ventilating and air conditioning technology. The DAIKIN group was founded in 1924 and
employsaround 59,000 employees. DAIKIN INDUSTRIES, LTD. inter alia produces highly efficient oil hydraulics equipment used in the injection molding industry.

RJG is a privately running company with its headquarters in Michigan, USA. RJG provides injection moldingeducation and technical tools for structuring processes according to state of the art technology. The name RJG stands for odern injection molding technology and equipment a well as systematic process design, DECOUPLED MOLDING, cavity pressure technology, the process data processing system eDART™, and the Master Molder certification programs.


December 2015

VVOARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF)
ARBURG: freeformer

In the innovative ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (AKF), the frIn the innovative ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (AKF), the freeformer can quickly produce functional components made from qualified standard granulates, based on 3D CAD data and without an injection molding tool.

Different from conventional additive manufacturing (3D print), during the AKF process, standard granulates are melted together as with injection molding and the component is formed layer by layer from small droplets. The high-precision processing technology requires adaptable components, as well as secure communication in real time.

Inside the freeformer control, drive and measuring components from different manufacturers are connected by VARAN. In the new system from ARBURG, the VARAN bus system can prove its benefits once more: very short cycle times, high availability and guaranteed data security. Data is checked for consistency after each data packet sent and the repetition of defective or missing packets in the same bus cycle is ensured.



November 2015

VVOVARAN: hard real-time ▪ flexible topology ▪ low system costs
Learn more at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2015 – Hall 2, Stand 460

VARAN meets all the requirements for a modern industrial network and convinces with speed, versatility and high availability. Find out more about the exciting trends as well as the newest developments in VARAN technology. You can request your free tickets here.

The VARAN BUS USER ORGANIZATION team is looking forward to seeing you in Hall 2, Stand 460.

Exhibition Center Nuremberg
Tuesday, 24.11 to Thursday, 26.11.2015, 9:00 - 18:00, (Thu until 17:00)






September 2015

BlueLine 5080-4T – modular VARAN Bus System for the Injection Molding Process

The increasing digitalization in measuring technology has also arrived in the control, regulation and monitoring of injection molding processes. Targeted toward the corresponding advantages, Priamus introduces the BlueLine concept as the basis for all future monitoring, control and regulation tasks in injection molding. For transmitting measurement and control signals, only a single digital hybrid cable is required. Whereby, a simple, inexpensive and modular connection concept based on the VARAN bus system can be used. This so-called Scale-Up concept provides cost savings in hardware, such as the amplifier modules, while sending monitoring and control signals over interfaces suitable for VARAN. The amplifier and interface modules are thereby simply connected to one another as required, without an additional cable connection, while the actual monitoring, control and regulation tasks are performed using a VARAN Master module.



November 2014

VARAN Valve Interface VVO 323 Increases Functionality

With the VARAN VVO 323 valve interface, SIGMATEK introduces an interface module with 32 short-circuit proof digital outputs, which is used for controlling valves from the manufacturer SMC (valve terminal series SY3000/5000/7000, SV1000/2000/3000, VQC1000/2000/4000, S0700). The module is designed for up to 50 mA of continuous current per channel.

The supply voltage is divided into two groups, which are each monitored for over and under voltage. The VVO 323 is space-saving and measures 124 x 88.5 x 76.3 mm (L x W x H) and has a robust housing in the IP67 protection class. The output module is also equipped with seven status LEDs, which for example, provide information on the supply voltage of the digital outputs or electronics. Whereby, the operating safety is significantly increased. The VVO 323 can, from the field to the management level, communicate via the hard real-time Ethernet bus VARAN. The bus system provides the machine manufacturer maximum openness for all installation, communication and control concepts.

In the SMC valve terminal series mentioned above, multiple valves are combined into one group with a central energy supply (pneumatic and electric). Using the VARAN interface, a highly flexible system for modern automation technology is created. The modular construction of the terminal enables simple adaptation to the respective application.

Especially in pneumatics, valve terminals are frequently used since hose lines and wiring can be eliminated. Thereby the installation times are reduced.



October 2014

CP 111KEB Drive Technology
COMBIVERT F6-K with VARAN Real-Time Communication

The new drive controller series "KEB COMBIVERT F6-K" comes in seven physical sizes and operates in a power range from 1.5 to 900 kW in the voltage classes 230, 400 and 690 V AC. In the software, this series combines switchable motor operation modes (SMM, FOC, ASCL, SCL) and has therewith, universal regulating properties for operating asynchronous, synchronous, reluctance, linear, spindle or torque motors.

An additional feature lies in the real-time communication, which is provided via on-board interfaces for the Ethernet-based VARAN protocol. The universal hardware is also equipped with CAN bus, RS232/485 interfaces and a 2-channel multi-encoder interface.

The device control supports digital signals with eight in and four outputs, as well as analog signals with three in and two outputs. The COMBIVERT F6-K also contains the integrated Safety function STO in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1, Pl e / SIL 3- EN62061.



October 2014

CP 111VARAN: hard real-time ▪ flexible topology ▪ low system costs
Learn more at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2014 – Hall 2, Stand 413

VARAN meets all the requirements for a modern industrial network and convinces with speed, versatility and high availability. Find out more about the exciting trends as well as the newest developments in VARAN technology. You can request your free tickets here.

The VARAN BUS USER ORGANIZATION team is looking forward to seeing you in Hall 2, Stand 413.

Exhibition Center Nuremberg
Tuesday, 25.11 to Thursday, 27.11.2014, 9:00 - 18:00, (Thu until 17:00)



March 2014

12.5 mm Thin CPU Module

SIGMATEK expands the S-DIAS module series with the compact CP 111. The high-performance processor unit has an EDGE2 technology processor with a loss of only 2 W, an exchangeable microSD card and among other things, a zero voltage proof RAM. Through various interfaces such as Ethernet, 2x VARAN, CAN bus and USB, the CP 111 is highly versitile.



March 2014

BlueLine Core Type 8280BHigh-Performance Controller
PRIAMUS® expands its Product Portfolio

The BlueLine Core Type 8280B is a high-performance controller for monitoring, control and regulation of injection molding processes.

The heart of this controller is the fully integrated VARAN board, which expands the industrial PC with VARAN bus capability using an FPGA/ARM processor combination. This allows the connection of VARAN modules to the VARAN Out port; for example, to digitize measurement signals of provide digital I/Os. Through the VARAN In port, data can also be exchanged with a primary VARAN bus. In addition to the VARAN board, a 1 GHz AMD DualCore motherboard is integrated that runs on a Windows 7 operating system. Data is exchanged between the VARAN and motherboard via the internal Ethernet interface. In addition to numerous standard interfaces such as USB, RS232 and VGA, this controller has a capacitive touch display with a resolution of 1024x768. The extremely slim and robust design makes this module an all-rounder, which can be used anywhere.

Because all integrated components are passively cooled through the solid aluminum housing, the controller is ideal for harsh environmental conditions as well as clean room environments.



February 2014

BDMA Ethernet Day13. VDMA Ethernet Day on March 27th 2014 in Frankfurt am Main
Ethernet in Mobile Machines - Applications in Machine Building

The lectures show solutions, with which automation and information technology lead to higher yield data as well as increased energy efficiency. Thanks to its performance and flexibility, Ethernet provides many options for use in mobile machines.

Lecture tip:     12:30 Electro Mobility meets Logistics
                       Ralf Weiland, Eisenmann
                       Andreas Melkus, VARAN bus

  • Double runner system for processes in transport and storage logistics
  • Integrated drive components and power supply

For further information on Electro Mobility meets Logistics, click here.

We look forward to participation!

Click here for the program. (German)
Click here to Register. (German)



December 2013

sps ipc drivessps ipc drives
Exciting contacts and interesting discussions

Many VNO members put their products on display at the VARAN exhibition stand during the sps ipc drives in Nuremberg. The impressive range of VARAN products could thereby be presented to numerous visitors. Three impressive exhibition days with exciting contacts and interesting discussions form the résumé of
the VNO team.



November 2013

New Members
The VNO continues to grow

The University of Linz (Institute for Communications Engineering and RF-Systems) and the University of Passau now support the VNO on a scientific level. Lattice Semiconductor Coporation is a new member vrom the semiconductor industry, PSG Plastic Service GmbH boosts the member pool in hot runner and
control technology.

Universität Linz Universität Passau LATTICE PSG Plastic Service GmbH




October 2013

Mini I/ONew VARAN Bus Connection Technology
Industrial Mini I/O from TE Connectivity

The VARAN BUS USERORGANIZATION has released a new connection technology for the exchange of VARAN data: the Industrial Mini I/O Type I from TE. These have a small, compact and reliable Wire-to-Board I/O interface, which enables secure high-speed connections in various applications and angles. With its two contact points, which guarantee secure connections, the Mini I/O is designed for industrial environments and high vibration resistance and excels with increased reliability as well as significant space savings.



September 2013

SPS 2013Learn more about the possibilities of VARAN
SPS IPC Drives 2013 - Hall 6, Stand 125

The VARAN BUS USER ORGANIZATION will again be represented with our own exhibition stand.

We'll offer you the possibility to get to know the latest VARAN technology and the organization (VNO) better.

You can find us in Hall 6, Stand 125

SPS IPC DRIVES in Nuremberg
Tuesday, 26.11. to Thursday, 28.11.2013, 9.00 - 18.00 (Th. until 17.00)



September 2013

Fiber Optic Rotary Joint Contactless downloading of VARAN Packets to a Rotating Axis
Conductix-Wampfler makes it possible

Using the Ether slip ring (IndEth100) and the Fiber Optic Rotary Joint (FORJ) from Conductix-Wampfler, VARAN packets can now be loaded to/from a rotating axis. The Ethernet slip ring is thereby base on a Gold-on-Gold sliding contact. With help from a media converter, the VARAN packets are sent to the FORJ over a plastic fiberglass line. The FORG enables the contactless transfer of VARAN packets using optical energy. Through the use of optical, contactless technology, data can be reliably exchanged in a harsh industrial environment without wear problems.



January 2013

BlueLine measuring amplifier Intelligent process monitoring
Priamus introduces a new measuring amplifier

The 4 or 16-channel BlueLine Type 5080A measuring amplifier for internal tool pressure and tool cavity temperature signals is a part of the universal BlueLine data collection system for intelligent process monitoring and control for the injection process. Because of the modular construction, the entire measuring system can be easily customized to individual requirements.



December 2012

New Members on Board
Another step forward

Eaton, Hilectro, Katho, MTS Sensors, TURCK and Steinhoff - these are the six new members of the VARAN BUSER USER ORGANIZATION (VNO). They will actively strengthen the pool of automation and component suppliers as well as users.

eaton KATHO MTS Sensors Himatic TURCK Steinhoff

"TURCK chose the VARAN bus because it enables extremely time-critical tasks and high-precision synchronization to be simply and inexpensively implemented, which allows the user to exploit the entire performance spectrum of our inductive sensor technology", says André Brauers, Product Manager Linear Distance Sensors and Rotary Encoders at TURCK.



October 2012

Sensor KIntegration of compact field devices in the Varan network possible
Varan Client as Compact DIL-32 Module

In the course of continuous development, Hilscher has expanded the portfolio of the DIL-32 based communications IC from the current 6-slave real-time Ethernet protocols with the VARAN client. Compact field devices such as the bar code reader, identification systems, etc. can now be easily and economically integrated into a Varan network.

As a compact DIL-32 based module, the netIC is the fastest and easiest option for integrating a slave communication protocol into simple field devices. Using proven ModbusRTU protocol, payloads are transmitted to the host processor over a serial interface. The netIC can also collect the I/O data through a shift register and send it directly the primary network.



October 2012

Learn more about the possibilities of VARAN
SPS/IPC/Drives 2012 - Hall 6, Stand 111

The VARAN BUS USER ORGANIZATION will again be represented with our own exhibition stand.

We'll offer you the possibility to get to know VARAN technology and the organization (VNO) better. The VARAN portfolio was expanded with several new products.

You can find us in Hall 6, Stand 111

SPS/IPC/DRIVES in Nuremberg - Tuesday, 27.11. to Thursday, 29.11.2012, 9.00 - 18.00 (Th. until 17.00)



March 2012

BTL6-V11V Integrated in the hydraulic cylinder
VARAN feedback system for hydraulically controlled axes

Balluff has launched the first integrated displacement system with VARAN realtime Industrial Ethernet onto the market - the Micropulse BTL6-V11V rod. Micropulse rod displacement systems integrated in the pressure section of hydraulic cylinders measure the current piston position directly. Optimal control quality of the hydraulic axis is achieved through dynamic, reproducible high-precision measurements. The extremely quick and accurate realtime transfer of data via the VARAN Industrial Ethernet combined with the precision dynamic measurement of the piston position by the Micropulse BTLs make the system ideally suited for use in complex applications involving controlled axes.



February 2012

Sensor KNew VNO member
TURCK brings new linear distance sensors with VARAN interface

TURCK is a new VNO member. The Mühlheimer automation specialist has chosen the successful family of inductive linear distance sensors as the first product to be equipped with the VARAN interface. In addition to the current outputs (U/I, SSI and IO-Link), the linear distance sensors are now available with real-time Ethernet. This opens application fields, in which axes must be regulated in hard real-time.

"TURCK has implemented the VARAN bus because in this way, extremely time-critical tasks and high-precision synchronization can be simply and inexpensively realized so that the user can utilize the complete performance spectrum of our inductive sensor technology", says André Brauers, Product Manager Linear Distance Sensors and Rotary Encoders at TURCK.



February 2012

e-light3Extra small housing
eks Engel offers media converters out of the e-light3 series

eks Engel offers media converters out of the e-light3 series that have an extra small housing (82 x 93 x 22,5 mm). Their features are easy handling and usability as well as an extended temperature range. Furthermore, the devices support Link Fault Pass-Through (LFP). This function makes the copper side switch off in case of a failure at the fiber optic side and vice versa so that a breakdown at the terminals is signalled as well. Thus they are ideally suited for VARAN-bus applications.



November 2011

VEB 011 & VEB 013 with SPIEasily Equip Periphery Devices with the VARAN Bus
VARAN Client Boards VEB 011 and VEB 013 with SPI

With the VARAN Client Boards, any periphery device can be quickly and easily equipped with the real-time Ethernet VARAN bus. In addition to the standard version with a parallel data bus, the VEB 011 and VEB 013 VARAN Client Boards now have an SPI interface with which a micro controller can be connected. For data exchange, both Client Boards have a DPRAM and an exchange buffer. In addition to standard data exchange, the option to operate in- and outputs in direct I/O mode without an extra processor is available. With the splitter function integrated into the VEB 013-SPI VARAN Client Board, the periphery device is provided with 2 VARAN ports (VARAN In and VARAN Out).



August 2011

The VNO at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011SPS/IPC/Drives 2011
VNO presents their own exhibition stand

At this year’s SPS/IPC/DRIVES, the VARAN BUS USER ORGANIZATION will have their own exhibition stand for the first time.

We can now offer you the opportunity to get to know VARAN technology and the organization (VNO) better. The VARAN portfolio has been expanded with great products.

You can find us in Hall 6 – Stand 125

SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg - Tuesday, 22.11 to Thursday, 24.11.2011 - 09.00 – 19.00 (Th. until 17.00)



June 2011

Analyzer ETVA 0501Easy Start
VARAN Starter-Kit VSK 001

The VSK 001 Starter Kit provides a simple introduction to VARAN real-time Ethernet technology. It contains an Evaluation Board with a mounted Client Board as well as the required software, with which both new and experienced developers can get to know the simple operation and efficiency of VARAN and realize their own client integrations.

With the VSK 001, the VARAN Manager is implemented as a software solution in a PC with a standard network card. Communication with a VARAN Client takes place through nested VARAN frames. Set and actual values are exchanged with a client using simple instruction sets, whereby a functioning VARAN communication can be quickly realized.

As the VARAN Client, the VEB 021 Evaluation Board with a mounted VEB 011 Client Board is used. For multiple testing options, the Evaluation Board provides digital and analog I/Os as well as a temperature sensor, potentiometer and relay. With the demo software in the Starter Kit, the in- and outputs of the Evaluation Board can be operated without programming. For more complex connections, a microcontroller can be directly connected to the VEB 021, whereby data is simply exchanged over address and data lines. The VARAN Client Board VEB 011 can be removed and integrated into professional in-house designs.

On the CD provided with the Starter Kit, all required drivers and the source code of the demo software are available. By modifying the demo software, even complex VARAN Clients such as drive controllers can be operated in a new design.



April 2011

VST 011 Compact Control of Stepper Motors
The VST 011 Stepper Motor Module

With the VST 011, the user is provided with an ultra-compact power unit for controlling 2-phase stepper motors with a rated voltage of 18-70 VDC. 6.4 A continuous current and 9 A peak current (in micro step mode) per motor are possible. Therefore large stepper motors with high torque can also be controlled. The VST 011 supports micro stepping. The basic module also has an incremental encoder interface. In addition, 4 digital in- and outputs each are integrated (each 24 V), which can be used according to the application.The real-time data exchange for speed and position control as well as parameterization are performed over the fast VARAN bus. The parameters are a part of the control application, whereby the module exchange is drastically simplified and service interfaces are unnecessary. To save energy, the module is equipped with adjustable current reduction. A standby mode with a need-based time delay can thereby be activated.



February 2011

Analyzer ETVA 0501 Network analysis directly on the machine
VARAN Analyzer ETVA 0501

The VARAN Analyzer ETVA 0501 is an analysis device for real-time VARAN networks. With the ETVA 0501, the transmission response of the bus system can be analyzed directly on the machine. Since the VARAN bus operates hard in real time, the analysis tool must record timed processes with nanosecond precision from the real-time Ethernet network and decode them into VARAN instructions. Data packets must therefore be detected faster than with conventional analysis devices. The ETVA 0501 thus provides the required performance and convinces with great features.

The data is displayed in a clear tabular and graphic form. Numerous trigger and filter functions support the user in industrial environments. This handy and robust device is operated through a 5.7" touch screen. The ETVA 0501 can be connected to the network during the active operation of a machine – and at any location. In linear topologies, the 2 VARAN ports allow a connection of the analysis device that is transparent to the manager. For further analysis, the series of measurement values can be exported over the USB or TCP/IP interface and evaluated in detailed in the PC.

The ETVA 0501 is delivered in a robust plastic case with accessories: an external 24VDC power supply, a VARAN cable (5 m) and the PC software "VARAN Service Tool" on a CD, with which the analysis data can be processed further.



October 2010

VSV 046 Uniform communication with sensors

The real-time Ethernet bus system VARAN has been included in the recently defined EUROMAP 75 specification from the European committee of plastic and rubber processing machines. This specification simplifies communication with all the sensors used in plastic processing.

In addition to the actual machine profile, the connection technology has also been defined in the EUROMAP 75 specification. This was adopted by the VARAN BUS USER ORGANIZATION directly, since many machines in the plastics industry are already equipped with VARAN and so valuable experience with harsh industrial environments is therefore provided. EUROMAP 75 measuring amplifiers are thus connected to the bus system and supplied with power using a hybrid cable.

Measuring amplifiers with VARAN technology, which support the EUROMAP 75 profile, are already operating successfully in plastic processing machines. Thanks to VARAN's simple function, implementation is possible in the shortest time. The engineering costs are reduced significantly, since VARAN uses standard FPGAs that allow the direct integration of EUROMAP 75. The linearization and processing of the sensor data is performed in the FPGA. Therefore an additional micro controller is not required. The entire VARAN stack and all functions of a EUROMAP 75 device are processed in only one component.


July 2010

VSV 046 Flexible Network Topologies
VARAN Splitter Module VSV 046

No matter if star, line or tree topology, with the real-time Ethernet bus system VARAN, modular machine structures can easily become a reality. As a VARAN distributor, splitter modules are used. These route incoming data packages on to all out ports. The new splitter module VSV 046 enables the build-up of star and tree topologies and at the same time it takes over the power output for connected bus clients. It has a VARAN-In and five VARAN-Out ports. Besides the bus signal, a 24V supply voltage can be provided. In this way peripheral devices can be connected and supplied with just the use of a hybrid cable, thus minimizing time and effort in the wiring process. The supply voltage at the individual out ports is turned on and off as needed by the control application. Optionally, a preferred VARAN out port can be used as an IP interface on the VSV 046. This enables the connection of service devices and allows an easy integration into a corporate network. VARAN offers the user the greatest possible freedom in machine and equipment design.



March 2010

Measuring, Control, Regulation in a New Dimension

SIGMATEK has introduced an innovative MSR system to the market, which through its modularity, is predestined for the most varying tasks in measurement and control technology. The real-time Ethernet VARAN provides the perfect communication system for the decentralized use of the MSR system. All measurement values in the entire system can be recorded and processed synchronously with the highest possible data security.

The flexible and modular construction provides a tailor-made configuration of the MSR system
The innovative MSR system from SIGMATEK is, through its modularity, predestined for the most varying tasks in measurement and control technology. It can be equipped with up to 8 base modules, each of which has 8 measuring channels. A flexible configuration is therefore created, with up to 192 digital or 64 analog I/Os.

The MSR system can be configured as needed for any task, so that all required measurement values can be collected and processed. The various channels of the measuring modules can be assembled for recording various measurement values (4..20 mA, +/- 10V, etc.) specific to the application. An extraordinary variety is achieved through mountable modules from Dataforth.

All common measurement and control values can therefore be decentrally processed with the highest precision and a cycle time of up to 200 µs. The conversion time is 25 µs per channel (40 KHz). Resistance to interference is ensured through galvanic isolation of the measuring channels. For analog I/Os, Lemo connectors with Push-Pull locking are used.

VARAN real-time Ethernet provides the highest data security
The real-time Ethernet VARAN provides the perfect communication system for the decentralized use of the MSR system. All measurement values in the entire system can be recorded and processed synchronously with the highest possible data security using VARAN. All MSR system data can therefore be easily accessed by a higher-level data management system. The initial start-up is also made simple through VARAN, since the measuring modules are identified during the runtime automatically.

MSR System employed in aviation
The SIGMATEK MSR system is already in use at TEST-FUCHS GmbH, one of the leading companies in test systems for air and space flight. Hydraulic components for all market-relevant civilian aircraft can be tested using this system.



October 2009

One Bus System for Safety and Standard Automation

In machine building, manufacturers increasingly rely on real-time Ethernet for the exchange of Safety-critical data. With the real-time Ethernet system VARAN, Safety and standard data can be exchanged in the same bus system and the separate wiring of Safety components, which has been needed until now, is therefore unnecessary.

The functional machine safety is currently often a topic, since by year's end, the new ISO 13849 machine guidelines will be mandatory. Due to this change in the standards, users are demanding a complete automation solution with integrated safety technology. In this context, the exchange of Safety-relevant data is becoming increasingly important. The real-time Ethernet bus VARAN is perfect for automation systems, which must comply with SIL3 according to IEC 61508 or Performance Level PL e according to ISO 13849 respectively. Safety-relevant and standard data are exchanged in the same bus system, and this without affecting the data transfer speed at the shortest cycle times.

Construction of a VARAN frame with integrated Safety data

For communication of Safety data, the "Black-Channel" principle is used, whereby the bus does not assume any Safety-relevant tasks but serves only as a single channel exchange medium. The Safety protocol is imbedded in the standard VARAN frame. In the VARAN Safety telegram, the data and addresses are coded twice and saved through a check sum (CRC) and a timestamp. Thereby faulty data is clearly detected during communication.

The Safety in- and output modules can be distributed in the VARAN network as desired. In a network, several Safety controllers can be implemented, which can each control several networks at the same time. Safety-relevant control tasks can be implemented centrally or in a decentralized configuration. The connection to decentralized Safety modules is also made over the VARAN bus.

For communication between the different periphery components within a machine, a uniform system can be used; complex separate wiring is no longer needed. An integrated complete solution is therefore achieved, which includes Safety technology as an integral component. For the user, a real competitive advantage is provided through considerably simplifying the engineering of machines and significantly reducing the time and cost required for certification.

Flexible System Structure
Line, star and tree structures can be combined as desired. This open architecture provides the user with extraordinary flexibility – also with later expansion of a machine or plant. Thanks to VARAN's hot-plug capability, entire machine components for example, can be connected to or removed from the production line after configuration or during operation. With the Multi Manager structures, data is exchanged between the network segments in hard real time with a maximum jitter of 100 ns. Different cycle times in the individual networks are also possible; the networks synchronize automatically.

VARAN: Fail safe and Error Tolerant
With the real-time Ethernet system VARAN, the toughest demands of drive technology are easily met. Data is exchanged with the highest real-time performance and error tolerance. This seamless communication ensures greater precision and efficiency.

The VARAN Bus is based on standard Ethernet physics. The VARAN protocol was implemented completely in the hardware at the FPGA level. VARAN works with the Manager/Client principle, whereby collisions in the bus system are avoided. At the start of each bus cycle, the participants are synchronized. The VARAN bus functions in hard real time with guaranteed determinism at cycle times of less than 100 µs and jitter of less than 100 ns.

In the VARAN protocol, measures are taken to improve the error tolerance. With individual frames, every bus participant is addressed by the VARAN Manager separately. All messages are confirmed by the client components within the same bus cycle. Communication errors are detected immediately and unacknowledged messages can be repeated within the same bus cycle, therefore the consistency of all process data at the end of the bus cycle is guaranteed.



April 2009

Compact in Hard Real Time
VARAN I/O Module VDM 086

With the compact VARAN VDM 086 I/O module from SIGMATEK, fast digital I/Os can be implemented in a decentralized configuration. The module has 8 digital outputs with read-back capability. The VDM 086 can therefore also be used as an input module. Per output (24 V positive switching), inductive loads up to 2 A can be controlled, which for example appear in hydraulic or pneumatic valves. The outputs are short-circuit proof and therefore are protected against polarity reversal. The status of the VDM 086 supply voltage can be determined through a simple status query. In addition, each channel has an LED that signals the switching status. The compact I/O module also finds a place u nder limited space conditions.

Over the VARAN-Out port, the VDM 086 can be integrated into various VARAN network topologies. With the real-time VARAN Ethernet bus, the digital signals can be processed with bus cycles under 100 µs. At the end of the bus cycle, all data are guaranteed to be consistent.



February 2009

Theory and Practice
The first VARAN Seminar was a Success

Make real-time Ethernet tangible was the motto of the first VARAN seminar at the Gersberg Alm in Salzburg. Representatives from the various branches of automation used the opportunity to learn more about the advantages of VARAN bus technology.


In addition to the fundamentals of the real-time Ethernet bus system, the seminar participants also learned about the possibilities and necessity of specified connection technology. A further focal point addressed the possibilities for implementing client and manager solutions.

The user report given by Dipl-Ing. Martin Schuller from the company Testfuchs illustrated the advantages that the VARAN bus provides for testing and measurement technology in aviation. The goal of this project was to connect self-contained measuring stations over several network segments in hard real time and to implement a large number of I/O nodes with maximum data security.

In the workshop, participants were introduced to the safe and easy function of the VARAN bus. Seminar participants also independently tested the various service and diagnostic possibilities of the VARAN bus using the comfortable VARAN Service Tool.



November 2008

VARAN Coupler Module
Networked Machine Segments in Hard Real-Time

VARAN allows complete production processes to be constructed modularly. SIGMATEK's new VBC 021 bus coupler module connects two independent VARAN networks at the field level. Data is exchanged in hard real-time over a simple DPRAM function. Cycle times of less than 100 µs are possible, whereas different cycles times can be implemented in the network segments. Both independent VARAN Managers communicate over easy to implement driver components. The jitter is, as with all VARAN components, under 100 ns. Over the IP port of the VBC 021, both networks can be accessed using standard Ethernet protocols. The connection to the company network is also made over this port. Because the basic VARAN process already prevents unauthorized access, no additional security measures are required. On the application level, the data to be released must only be defined; VARAN takes care of everything else. Additionally, the module has two splitters that can be used for both networks independently.

The data is exchanged in hard real-time with a deterministic response. The networks are synchronized automatically with a PLL function; distributed clocks according to IEEE 1588 are not required. This simplifies the synchronization and reduces costs. The full Hot-Plug capability with VARAN allows entire cells in the production line to be connected or disconnected during operation.



October 2008

VARAN Measuring Bridge Module
High speed precision measurement with IP65 protection

The new VARAN PVAI 011 measuring bridge module from SIGMATEK is used for precision measurements in hard real-time. With a 12-bit resolution, measurement values from scales, force, pressure, acceleration, torque and temperature sensors are transmitted within a few µs.

The IP65 protected measurement value converter can be placed directly in the field level near the sensor, eliminating the effects of electrical noise on measurements. Due to the short length of VARAN frames, data can be resent within the same bus cycle in the event of an error. The extremely robust VARAN bus system makes it possible to implement highly dynamic regulation with deterministic properties. The user is thus provided with a safe and complete system for fast precision measurements.

The power for the electronics and sensors is supplied over the VARAN BUS USER ORGANIZATION-certified 8-pin M12 connector (2 reserve pins) with the corresponding hybrid cable, which was designed for harsh industrial conditions. Since only one connector is required for power and bus signal transmission, connection errors are practically eliminated. In addition, costs and assembly time can be reduced. The measurement recorder is also connected over an M12 connection system (4-pin).



October 2008

New Member on Board
Hilscher enhances the VNO

The company Hilscher is a service provider in the industrial comunication technology branch. "Many of our customers, who have chosen netX as their communications platform, would also like to support VARAN in addtion to other real-time Ethernet
systems." says Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Ockert (Engineering), Hilscher Ges. für Systemautomation mbH.



August 2008

More Motion for the VARAN Bus
Danaher Motion enhances the VNO

"A high flexibility in connecting to network environments has always been a distinctive feature of Danaher's servo amplifiers. As a manufacturer of drive technology systems, it is especially important for us to participate in trend-setting developments in real-time Ethernet systems and implement these in our products. With its open standard and high reliability, the VARAN bus is an interesting option for Ethernet-based bus communication." Siegfried Fischer, Product Manager of Standard Drives Danaher Motion GmbH.



May 2008

The DIV 511 Interface Module
Simple Connection to the VARAN Bus

With the DIV 511 interface module from SIGMATEK, decentralized DIAS I/O components can be connected to the VARAN bus. Existing components that use the DIAS bus can be easily adapted to the real-time Ethernet technology; only the software interface on the application level has to be exchanged. Previously completed development work can therefore be cost-efficiently reused with a conversion to the real time VARAN Ethernet technology.

In addition to the power supply for decentralized components, this interface module is equipped with a VARAN-Out port. This feature allows line structures to be easily configured. A further advantage is that the I/O data from the DIAS module components is collected and sent over the VARAN bus at the same time. The VARAN bus technology offers high data security, stands out with its simple function and provides large capacity reserves for future development.



January 2008

The VARAN Field Bus Gateway CIV 521
Multifaceted connecting options and simple integration

The CIV 521 interface module connects the world of field bus systems to the real-time Ethernet VARAN bus comfortably and flexibly. The multi-language device communicates with all current field buses, from CAN to RS232.

The VARAN field bus interface always finds the right connection
The Gateway CIV 521 expands a VARAN bus network with numerous standard interface connections. In addition to the integrated VARAN splitter, which allows configuration of linear structures (1x VARAN-In and 1x VARAN-Out), the module has a standard Ethernet interface that can be used for servicing or integration into an office network. The CIV 521 also acts as a power supply for decentralized C-DIAS module groups.

The main task consists of integrating conventional field bus systems into the flexible VARAN bus network. The user has the possibility to unite both worlds. The module has a CAN bus, an RS232 and RS422/485 interface as well as DIAS, C-DIAS and TTY interfaces. These can be addressed over the isochronous, asynchronous or administration task of the VARAN bus.

SIGMATEK libraries are available for programming the interface connections, which allow the user to apply standard field bus instructions.

The commands are converted to the VARAN bus and output to the respective field bus interface connections automatically, allowing completed development work to be reused efficiently.



December 2007

Successful Exhibition Presentation

A great deal of interest in the VARAN bus generated at the SPS/IPC/Drives

The VNO can be very satisfied with the presentation at the SPS/IPC/Drives. The positive balance shows numerous interesting and concrete contacts.

The VNO was presented at the SIGMATEK GmbH & Co KG as co exhibit.

Visitors were especially interested in the implementation of Multi Manager Structures with the VARAN bus and the connection to conventional field bus systems. In addition to multi faceted questions regarding the implementation and the Hot Plug capability were often the subject of expert talks.



November 2007

New VARAN Bus Products
Mixed digital module für IP67 and multi manager module

The SIGMATEK VARAN Bus product palette has been expanded with a mixed digital module for IP67 and a special manager module for creating multi manager structures. The new products can be seen at the SIGMTEK display at the SPS/IPC/Drives: Hall 7, Stand 370.

Robust under any condition
With the “protected VARAN digital mixed module PVDM 085”, SIGMATEK expands its palette of VARAN bus products with an IP67 I/O module. The PVDM 085 has eight digital channels that can be configured as in- or outputs (24V/0.5 – 2A) and is protected against short circuits. The maximum continuous current allowed is 4 A.

The PVDM 085 also has an integrated distributor function (VARAN splitter) for extending the VARAN bus (linear structure). Thanks to the integrated power supply, a separate supply for the module electronics is not required. The module can also be powered over a separate socket as well. Each I/O socket is monitored for short circuits in the sensor voltage supply. The status is shown using LEDs and can be read back. Input filters are provided to suppress noise generated on signal lines.


Multi Manager Networks
A highlight of the expanded SIGMATEK VARAN product palette is the VMC 052. The VMC 052 from SIGMATEK is a special VARAN Manager module, designed for creating VARAN Multi Manager structures. Using this module, several independent systems can be connected to form a synchronized network.

The user therefore achieves maximum modularity with machine and equipment configurations. Complete production cells, for example, can be connected while still in operation and automatically synchronized. Varying cycle times are also possible.

In addition to the standard manager function, the VMC 052 has an integrated VARAN client. This client has a DPRAM over which the real time data exchange between VARAN networks can be defined.

TCP/IP frames in a VARAN network are automatically distributed to all connected systems. TCP/IP traffic is therefore continuous throughout the entire Multi Manager VARAN network.

The malfunction of a connected network is recognized by the system immediately. The user can then take the appropriate measures.



November 2007

VARAN-Bus – Ahead of schedule

VARAN-Bus Connection Technology

The VARAN BUS USER ORGANIZATION (VNO), component suppliers and machine builders are working at full blast. Numerous other machine builders are currently in the process of implementing the VARAN bus and at the coming exhibitions, several of these machines and components can already be seen.

The Right Direction
As an independent organization, the VNO supports members by providing the framework for an optimal system. An example of this can be seen in the support for defining device profiles that greatly simplify implementing the VARAN bus for suppliers and machine builders. For instance, the VNO recently released a new “length measuring system” profile.  This profile covers a broad spectrum of components.

The Perfect Connection
The VNO has also been intensively working to create the perfect connection technology, since connectors and cables for real-time Ethernet in industrial automation require a significantly higher degree of robustness and quality as compared to office Ethernet;
The VNO certified connection systems meet the highest demands.

For the IP20 environment, the Harting RJ45 Industrial connector has been tested for its capability in harsh industrial environments.

To meet the demands of machine building companies for inexpensive wiring, solutions were developed for connecting field bus devices in the IP 67 world that require only one connector plug.

For bus participants with 24 V and a maximum current of 2 A, the 8-pin M12 connector from Phoenix Contact is used. For units with higher power that require a separate voltage supply, a new 8+4 power/Ethernet connector was designed by TE Connectivity.

Corresponding hybrid cables are available for both variants.

At the SPS/IPC/Drives 2007 exhibition, SIGMATEK will be presenting these connector systems at their stand (Hall 7, Stand 370) in addition to the latest developments from their VARAN Bus product line.



October 2007

The new Members Area is online
Strengthening the VNO internal communication

With the new Member Area, VNO members are provided with an attractive and up to date platform:

Forum: Here, members can participate in a brisk exchange of knowledge and information.

Current topics, FAQs and contact data

Download area: specifications, demos, service tools and logos can be downloaded here



August 2007

New module profile defined

Simple implementation of VARAN length measurement systems

The VARAN Bus User Organization has passed a new module profile for length measurement systems. This profile covers a large pallet of products and applications, from simple potentiometer measurement systems to Trans sonar length scales. The introduction of this profile allows different measuring systems to communicate over a single defined interface. This raises the exchangeability and lowers development time since, when switching between different systems, few or no changes are needed in the software. With the clear and simple profile construction, almost now computing power is required and the cost is reduced. Scales that have implemented this profile are already available at the company BALLUF.



April 2007

New Members on Board
Another step forward

Bosch Rexroth, Festo, Harting Electric and Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik – these are the four new members of the VARAN-BUSER-USER ORGANISATION (VNO). They will actively strengthen the pool of automation and component suppliers as well as users.

Diploma Engineer (FH) Andreas Kurz, Manager Software Development/Control Engineering with Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG:

The deciding factor for choosing the VARAN bus system as the preferred industrial Ethernet in Herrmann Ultrasound Technology’s control systems was, the technical aspect of the hard real time capability combined with deterministic cycle times of less than 1 ms. Further more, the relatively low costs coupled with the fast time to market provide an economic advantage and will ensure a competitive edge in the future.



March 2007

VARAN Implementation
Road map for component suppliers and machine buildings

What is the process for acquiring a certified VARAN module?
What do I need as a user to build a VARAN bus system?

The most essential steps for implementing VARAN are now available.



December 2006

SIGMATEK: VARAN service tool and infrastructure
Simple start up and maintenance guaranteed

At SIGMATEK, the VARAN bus is fully integrated into the LASAL2 software programming environment. The specially designed VARAN service tool contains a highly effective result-controlled bus analysis tool. Filtering functions can be freely defined, providing the highest flexibility for parameterization as well as for display and analysis of results. A hex editor is provided for simple editing of memory areas and can be opened in several windows. An additional component of the service tool is the SPI Flash programming. It is used for start up and maintenance as well as in production and includes password-protected programming of the FPGA and module data as well as editing of the VARAN module type label. Setting up of module-specific parameters is also possible. Electronic data sheets can also be stored in a VARAN module. For production, a serial programming function is provided.

The backbone of the service tool is the VARAN tree: the existing VARAN bus structure whether tree, linear or mixed is recorded and displayed automatically. The analysis tool, hex editor and SPI Flash programming tool can be started with selection-dependent presets such as the module address range from the VARAN tree tool.

The safety management expansion module is integrated into the VARAN service tool.

For customer-specific solutions, drivers (ANSI-C) that can be easily ported with various operating systems are available. A model-implementation for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP is also provided.



December 2006

SIGMATEK’s safety solution takes off
TÜV certification in spring 2007

Protecting people and machines is the goal of the VARAN safety concept. With SIGMATEK’s scaleable safety solution, both standard and secure communication run over the VARAN bus. Since the cable requirement is minimized, costs are reduced.

The open VARAN bus technology with simple read/write instructions remains uncomplicated. Even with new VARAN safety link cycle times of less than 100 µs are achieved. The secure, single channel I/O modules communicate over the VARAN bus directly, without effecting the existing application.

Through parameterization of the VSO 011 safety output module, logic connections can be made (i.e. emergency stop, light grid…). The safety components are fully compatible with standard VARAN units.

With the calculated error probability, VARAN safety SIL 3 corresponds to IEC 61508 standards. The complete safety conversion meets category 4 of EN 954-1 and PL e of the prEN ISO13849 standard. The TÜV certification is planned for April 2007.



November 2006

Award for the VARAN Bus
Winner of the Salzburg Innovation Award 2006

SIGMATEK can celebrate placing first in the category for small and mid-sized companies. The project, VARAN Real-time Ethernet bus, was awarded the annual prize for innovation given by Salzburg as well as the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce. The following criteria were evaluated for the presentation: degree of innovation, development risk as well as research and development expenditure. The innovation should be useful for both the company and the customers as well as improve quality and provide cost savings. Companies could receive additional points with market success already achieved, setting new trends and increasing competitiveness. In relation to economic effects, the creation of new jobs and increased exportation were considered.



November 2006

Salzburger Innovation Award 2006
The VARAN bus is nominated

“Innovation is the best answer a company can give to the increasing pressure of international competition”. Under this motto, the Salzburg Chamber of Business honors prominent companies whose innovations stand out in the Austrian and international markets. SIGMATEK is proud to have the VARAN bus counted among the nominees for the 2006 Innovation award, which will presented for the 16th time.



October 2006

Two New VNO Members
Balluff and KEBA focus on VARAN

The VARAN BUS USER ORGANIZATION (VNO) is pleased to welcome two new members:

For Manfred Münzl, Business Development Manager at Balluff GmbH, VARAN offers a real cost advantage.

“For Balluff, crucial for deciding in favor of the VARAN bus was that the customer could integrate an industrial field bus in their machine practically, and most of all, economically. Various Ethernet standards currently available on the market, while offering the user advantages, can only be custom fit for sensor/actuator platforms at a relatively high cost. An Ethernet protocol that offers actual real-time capability for sensor platforms at comparably lower costs is without a doubt the VARAN bus.”

Klaus Kafka, Product manager for industrial automation at KEBA AG, puts focus on the active participation in the further development of VARAN.

“KEBA is a control manufacturer with an open strategy regarding existing RT Ethernet systems so that we can offer our customers optimal system solutions. And naturally VARAN is counted among these RT Ethernet systems. For us, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest VARAN developments and allow our own ideas to be included. This is best accomplished with a membership.”



October 2006

Cooperation between CAN in AUTOMATION and VNO
CANopen® device profiles for VARAN

Salzburg (Austria), Erlangen (Germany). The VARAN BUS USER ORGANIZATION (VNO) and the incorporated society CAN in AUTOMATION have agreed that the VARAN bus will also be used with the CANopen® device profiles. The goal of this cooperation is to enable device manufacturers to easily connect existing CANopen® subsystems with the VARAN bus. The existing CANopen® device profiles can be easily integrated into the VARAN bus.

“ The CANopen® profile family encompasses generic device profiles for I/O modules, electrical and hydraulic drives, as well as encoders and specific device profiles for extruders, web machines, multi-zone regulators and special sensors (i.e. cant sensors)“, explains Holger Zeltwanger, member of the CiA executive board. That’s why CANopen® is highly accepted, especially in serial machine building.” Due to the bandwidth limitation however (max. 1 Mbit/s), CAN systems cannot meet all speed requirements; especially those for fast drive controls. With VARAN, the CANopen® user has an Ethernet-based alternative available that enables extremely fast external data transfer.

“CANopen® today offers one of the most comprehensive selection of device profiles for machine building. It wouldn’t have made sense for VARAN to reinvent the wheel”, explains Martin Schuller, the chairman for the VARAN Bus User Organization. “Unlike other organizations, CiA is not dominated by a manufacturer and could establish themselves in machine building. This fits well with the VARAN strategy of providing embedded real-time Ethernet to machine builders. In addition, both communication systems complement each other perfectly”



October 2006

Martin Schuller named chairman

Salzburg. The independent VARAN BUS User ORGANIZATION was founded in July 2006. Martin Schuller, head of software development at TEST-FUCHS G.m.b.H., was named chairman of the VARAN Bus User Organization. His representative is Andreas Melkus, managing partner at SIGMATEK GmbH & Co KG.

The first chairman of the VARAN BUS USER ORGANIZATION, Martin Schuller is convinced in the VARAN technology: “As one of the worlds leading companies in test equipment for air and space flight, we are always striving to implement the most modern measurement, control and bus technology. Since our equipment is used to test important components for civilian and military aircraft, we can make no compromises with data security. With the easy implementation process, high performance and outstanding data transfer reliability, VARAN combines all the properties that we expect from a bus system for measurement and control technology.”